Tranquil woodland in the heart of Skipton

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The Friends of The Wilderness featured at Skipton Sheep Day yesterday and what a show they put on!  As well as craft activities for the children there was information about the history and wildlife of The Wilderness and advice on providing homes for wildlife in your own back garden.These stunning displays were backed up by the evocative sound of woodland birdsong so visitors to the Friends’ stand had only to close their eyes to find themselves enjoying a beautiful wooded glade in their mind’s eye.  


Hundreds of people visited the Friends’ stand, including some from places as far apart as Darlington and Manchester, and many of these said that they would return to Skipton to experience the delights of The Wilderness for themselves.


Among the many local people who visited the stand more than 90 said they enjoyed visiting The Wilderness and expressed their gratitude to the Friends Group, supported by the Town Council, for keeping it in such good condition.  Others, including some who have lived in Skipton all their lives, had not previously been aware that The Wilderness even existed.  They thanked the Friends for bringing The Wilderness to their attention and said they would be sure to visit in the near future.


Five residents were so passionate about the importance of The Wilderness to the local community that they signed up to become Friends.  


Lots of the children visiting Sheep Day called in on the Friends’ stand, to play with Sammy the Squirrel and to enjoy the many craft activities the Friends laid on.  One little girl even danced with Sammy and begged her parents to let her take him home!


All in all it was a pretty good day!  Thanks for which must go to Sheila McCarthy, Wendy Allsopp, Valerie Mason, Edward Whitaker, Phyllis Chalmers and Les Chandler – they battled the elements to get the stand ready in time and then spent the rest of the day looking after it – for over 9 hours in some cases!  Sheila in particular deserves a special mention – she barely took a break and her dedication to, and enthusiasm for, The Wilderness shone though and inspired all of the many visitors to the stand.  


We should also thank Judy Probst and her event management team for arranging the Friends’ stand at Sheep Day and Brett Butler at Skipton Town Council for providing the sound system.