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 Group Meeting


Group Meeting Tuesday 7th January 2020 6.00 pm


Skipton Town Council Offices


Town Hall, High Street, Skipton BD23 1ED


1 Present:


2 Apologies:


3 Minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 24th September 2019


The minutes were approved.


4 Financial Statement: - £2,779.84p balance is the same as previous balances it was agreed that a £250 donation be made to Brougham St Nursery please note later minutes.


5 Matters Arising


A) S M contacted all of the local primary schools via telephone and has obtained email addresses for nearly all of them. JH will follow up by forwarding the worksheets EM created.


B) Skipton Town Council’s estate team and community payback have installed reconditioned benches and a wooden picnic table, the group expressed their thanks and were impressed with the photo of the new installation. The gates have also been adjusted as they were returning to quickly and banging.


C) B M offered to put up wildlife cameras this hasn’t taken place so far JH is going to contact him to see if this can still happen.


D) The group discussed making a donation towards Brougham St Nursery, the nursery has been successful with a bid to Skipton rotary to the sum of £500 which has been used to buy high quality waterproof outfits for the nursery children the. Nursery is still seeking funding for other items to complete their forest school setup, more wellies and waterproofs are required and AS would also like to purchase a K K


E) It was agreed by the group that the management plan needs to be reviewed and put into simpler terms so that working party days can be organised with agreed tasks.


JH and SM are going to organise a meeting to look at this.


F) Cleaning out the bird boxes was discussed JH is going to discuss this with one of his contacts and report back EW would be willing to assist holding ladders if available.


SMN has a contact at Craven College who she will ask if the College would be interested in getting involved with Bird boxes, Wildlife surveys etc. AS suggested contacting C M of Bee Together for free bee boxes and assistance.


7 Events it was agreed by all that we would review the possibility of attending sheep day this year at the next meeting.


11 Date of next meeting Tuesday 3rd March 6.00pm Skipton Town Council


Meeting closed 6.57 pm