Tranquil woodland in the heart of Skipton

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Students test their skills in The Wilderness


Craven college second year students, currently studying a Foundation Degree in Environmental Conservation, put their new found skills to the test when they felled a small number of young trees on the northern side of the wood.  This activity formed part of a volunteer management assignment and also provided a perfect opportunity to achieve an important objective for the Friends in encouraging understory and ground cover growth by opening up the tree canopy.  


Woodland management is essential in such a small area, especially one that sees many local people passing through or enjoying the woodland.  As well as tree planting in barren areas, thinning out dense areas also forms an important part of the management process.  The students had a great day learning new skills or passing on existing skills to their colleagues. It was a great success with regards to their assignment, the focus of which was the management of volunteers in a practical environment, and the activity also had the added benefit of being a good team building exercise for all involved on the day.  

Craven College and the students would like to thank the Friends of the Wilderness for this opportunity and look forward to working together in the future.